Wallpaper Feature Wall in Bedroom or Not?

Wallpaper feature wall in bedroom was the result of deciding whether adding the graphic richness to a room was valued more than a state of tranquility the room would certainly have without it. In conclusion, there are some important key factors to notice before deciding if one should wallpaper or not, and if so, how many walls:

Wallpaper on Feature Wall Presents Key Factors to Consider

1. How much light is in the room? The lighter the room the more graphic design wallpaper a room can have. Therefore, the natural light as well as the artificial light both have to be considered. The pendant lighting style is also balancing the rich patterned wall. For instance, lighting ideas based on design that help balance the room are clean line and under-embellished.

2. The size of the room. The larger the room the more graphic design wallpaper a room can have. In addition, minimal amount of modern furniture style in the room also prevents the busyness of the pattern from overpowering the peacefulness of the room.

3. The less patterned floor, carpet or wood floor. The more graphic design wallpaper a room can have. The reverse, the more patterns in the room plus the wallpaper then the greater feeling of complexity and possibility of evoking feelings of confusion.

4. The higher the ceiling. Therefore, the more graphic design wallpaper a room can have. Volume of space emits a majestic quality that can balance a wall of rich pattern successfully.

5. The more windows and large size windows. Similarly, the more graphic design wallpaper a room can have. Again, the greater light plus the view of outside giving a sense of added volume and space to the room.

A beautiful wallpaper is not its best version in any room. For instance, in the right conditions the wallpaper and the energy in the room will be enhanced and provide an elevated quality to the room. In the reverse, the wrong conditions it will be better for the room to not have any at all.

Wallpaper Samples Viewed in Different Light Possibilities

Look at the wallpaper sample in all the variations of light the room has throughout the day. An example, is a sample will look blue on a sunny day however, on a cloudy day, the same sample may appear gray. Meanwhile, a sample may look very different in morning light than in evening light. Also if the window coverings are opened or closed. Therefore, light variations in a room can make a big difference on the effect the wallpaper is making to the room and everything in it.

Select Only What Will Enhance the Planned Effect of the Room

Above all, in planning know what is the feeling the room is to be emitting. Because paying attention to what we are placing in the room and making sure that it also is adding to that same quality. In conclusion, only select what will be in harmony and successful to creating the desired result.

In addition, using restraint and keeping the wallpaper in the bedroom to just one feature wall also results in finding the perfect balance for a calm richness to the room.


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