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Bring Outside Peace Inside.

Master Bathroom Spa with Feature Wall Window

The master bathroom spa with feature wall window brings the outside peace found in nature inside the home and more importantly, inside the person. The room has a feeling of openness to life and all its many seasons of change. Everyday presents a new view. This room keeps life feeling fresh because, in each day one can find something different to contemplate.

Soaking Tubs for Letting Go

If the window landscape does not bring release, then leave it to the soaking tub. Along with essential oils and bath salts, all of these combine to melt remaining resistance to the day’s tensions. They help us let go of all that has happened that no longer serves our highest and best purpose.

Lighting Artistry Keeps the Magic of the Room Going

The delicate pendant lighting over the tub captures the whimsical feeling of fireflies in daytime or tiny stars at night. However, it does not overpower the magnificence of the window. Instead, it blends and becomes a part of the total presence. The light fixture becomes a well blended choice for encouraging enchantment.

In addition, the pendant lights over the sink area are both functional and artistic. Artistically they highlight the variations in the marble tile on the wall and the granite counter-top. Functionally they provide needed work area light. If the lights are on dimmers then many combinations of light patterns are possible. Lighting is just as important for enhancing mood as it is for function. Especially, in a setting like this, where the room itself is giving one a massage. For example, an intense light is needed for shaving whereas ambient light is preferable for a soak in the tub. With a dimmer on the pendant light it can do both. By changing the on/off switch on the wall with a dimmer switch any light fixture can have this feature.

This room has the perfect balance of mood and function. 

A Secret to Calm Room Design

For the purpose of achieving calm room design, one has to constantly monitor the balance of everything in it. This room gets an A+ in achieving that result. In fact this is a setting where daily renewal happens.




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