Living Room Fireplace and Recessed Lighting Draws One to Warmth

This living room fireplace and recessed lights are drawing one to the glowing warmth of the fire. Some consider a lit fireplace the heart of the home. The fireplace would not have as much draw without the recessed lighting contributing. The recessed lights act like stage lights, where there is extra light focused on what you would like to have highlighted. Plus, it gives a warmer glow to the area as well. These effects invite one to be drawn in and immersed in the elevated light that is being projected. Who would not want to share in this experience?

Matching Paint on Wall and Carpet Colors Create Unitized Effect

An incredible feature of this room is the expanse of vistas as seen through the windows. This could be overpowering and make it difficult to have seating areas that would invite conversation. The reason is because the outside landscape is so strong that it can overbalance areas of the room where you would want to pay attention to the person seated next to you. Instead one would be distracted with all that is happening through the windows. A solution to drawing the perception back into the room is to give the room a soft unitized color and texture. Notice the paint color on the walls is the same color as the carpet.

Lack of Patterns Create Flowing Connection

Also notice the lack of pattern in the fabrics and carpet. Patterns can break up the sense of flow in a room. Solid colors give smooth flow. This unitized wrap that has been created by carpet and paint maintains the personal space from going out the window and getting lost into the huge expanse. There are so many areas within the room that invite one to sit and share conversation and not be distracted. This is a huge success of the balance that has been achieved in the room.

Modern Style Furniture and Layout Contribute to the Room’s Balance

The modern style furniture of clean line and large soft sinking cushions give not only a sense of luxury to the room but relaxation and connectiveness. One piece of furniture visually flows right into the next effortlessly. There is no stop and start that would be brought on with a lot of pattern. Instead only smooth flowing sense of endless line. The wrap of soft unitized pattern-less color maintains an intimate space feeling elevated and floaty within a larger view of the outside. A way to have your cake and eat it too. Neither outside large vista view is sacrificed for a warm intimate gathering room view. Both hold their true value and balance each other successfully. This example is showing us again how balance creates a calm room even when contained in a larger view outdoor drama of windows.

Living Room’s Mission

The furniture layout, the feature wall, the lighting ideas, colors and decorative objects all blend with the purpose of balance to support calm interactive healthy connection within the bigger picture drama of life.


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