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Furniture Layout for Kitchen Window While in a Narrow Space

Furniture layout for kitchen window with a view can certainly be a challenge for an area where there is a narrow tight space but a lovely view to be enjoyed.

However, there can also be great appreciation for a flowing open feeling that conversely a normal to large table would block and feel irritatingly crowded.

Therefore, a small table can be a pleasant workable solution. Most importantly, the table size makes the difference that creates the calmness.

This invites one to sit at the window with a cup of tea and enjoy the view with a feeling of mental clarity that in fact, the furniture layout helps evoke.


Other Factors Contributing to the Serenity as Well

First the Importance of Decorative Object Placement on Shelves

Part of the serene quality the setting has is due in part, to the clean minimal organization of decorative objects on the shelves.

Second the Paint Color Selection also has a Big Effect

The light neutral paint colors gray and white, have a soft soothing value. Because of that nothing too prominent captures the attention. For that reason, one’s attention can actually float over the setting rather than the opposite of jumping from one attention focal point to another. Also the light pallet is creating an elevated quality rather than heaviness that dark colors would give.

Additionally, Recessed Lighting adds Even Glow 

The artificial recessed lighting in the ceiling also creates balanced spread out lighting versus all light intensely coming from one condensed lighting source. Besides, recessed lighting can give a more even glow to a room. If put on a dimmer, then even better to control the brightness through out the many variations of light change, coming through the window during the day or evening. 

Also Included is Cabinet Lighting Focused on Beloved Objects

Cabinet lighting is also helping by highlighting the beauty of the objects in the cabinets.  Most importantly, display lighting accents and brings to life beloved objects that spark joy.

Finally Clean Wood Floors Enhance Warm Spaciousness

The sparse clean feeling that wood floors give to a room, also makes a room feel larger and more spacious than the room actually is. Tile also adds spaciousness, but wood floors add warmth to a room that tile cannot offer.

All of these combined factors are giving this room calm, clean spacious characteristics even though it is actually a narrow tight space.



Winter_2021_shamrock cookies

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