Porch Swing is a Way to Reset

Front porch swing, provides endless hours of being able to soothe and slow down waves within us, that are moving either too uneven or too fast or both. Restfulness comes from slowing down, and by focusing on the quiet beauty from the surrounding garden. In the process of slowing our attention, a sense of ease establishes itself throughout our being. From there one’s actions and thoughts, take on the quality of greater effortlessness and proficiency. Tense struggle and tension that blocks a break-through is left at the front door. The porch swing’s motion un-tethers tight held attachments. Entering the home afterwards, one can step into serene regard.

Porches Give a Welcome Hug to All

A front porch promise is no matter what the weather outside a porch protects. It is comforting to know, one always has shelter from the storm.

A Garden Wrapping the Porch is Saying, “All is Well”

The garden reminds us that cycles of growth are ethereal and each have a special enduring beauty within a very short time span. Definitely not wise to be too busy to miss any of them. A porch invites slowing down, pay attention and drink deep before a window of opportunity is gone.

Front Porch Swing Mission Statement

Front porch swing mission is to help us attain an awareness where we relax into noticing our surroundings at a deeper intuitive place.  This causes us to change our being and support us in discovery of another level of living lightly.



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