Healthy lifestyle living samples will be the focus on this blog. Inspirational rooms can help us let go of the old so the best version of new happens.

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Healthy Lifestyle Living

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Wallpaper Feature Wall in Bedroom or Not?

wallpaper feature wall in bedroom - hp

Healthy Lifestyle for Wallpaper Feature Wall Maintains Calm

Wallpaper feature wall in the bedroom was the result of deciding between adding graphic richness to a room versus leaving the room paperless but tranquil. The question was could the room maintain the calm with the wallpaper.

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Healthy Lifestyle is KonMari for Home Organization

konmari home organization - hp

KonMari Home Organization Tidying System Designed by Marie Kondo 

KonMari is home organization, a tidying system designed by Marie Kondo in Tokyo. She has written a #1 New York Times bestselling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  Also recently, Marie has appeared on a NetFlix series called, “Tidying Up”. Marie’s plans, organization for well-being, are above all life changing.

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Uncluttered Kitchen | DIY Healthy Dishwasher Soap

DIY healthy dishwasher soap - hp

Uncluttered Kitchen | DIY Healthy Dishwasher Soap

Maintaining health is partly about using nontoxic products. But because the smell on dishes taken out of the dishwasher has a strong chemical odor, this has made me question whether what I am smelling is toxic or not.

For instance, even soaps that claim to be nontoxic on the side of the box say additionally, do not ingest this product.

Winter_2021_Heart cake

Furniture Layout for Kitchen Window

furniture layout kitchen window shelves - hp

Furniture Layout of Narrow Space for a Window with a View

A furniture layout for a kitchen can certainly be a challenge for an area with a narrow tight space and a window with a wonderful view. Even more so, if the first priority actually is to solve the situation by creating calmness.



Muriel Villemonte



I have had a love of rooms since I was a child cutting up furniture pictures in magazines, creating-though I did not know it then-what were actually design boards. Later in life this led to being an interior designer (McLean VA), lighting consultant (Washington D.C.), owning a jewelry and gift shop in the historic downtown of Lakeland FL.

Components in Room that Create Effects for Healthy Lifestyle

Over the years I have deepened my understanding of how being in a room affects me. For example, certain colors make me feel peaceful and calm, while alternately, others irritate me.

Expanding my awareness beyond color I see as well, how I am also affected by furniture style, placement, room architecture, patterns, quantity of patterns, toxic materials, textures, lighting, decorative objects, flooring, aroma, EMRs of energy sources, organization and sound.

As a result, combining all of these elements produces an overall response in me that also influences my well-being.

Challenge to Bring Elements into Harmony and Balance

For instance, I find that what I am immersed in outside myself-the room’s combined energetic composition-greatly influences the feelings and thoughts I have inside myself also.

Consequently, the challenge of course, is to bring all of these elements in a room into equilibrium.

Part of the purpose of this site will help in knowing when that balance has been found, regardless of whether a room is simple or complex. In fact the images will generate a sense of balance that will give one an opportunity to take a closer look at how that effect was created. These examples, become a guiding light to help duplicate the feeling in your own home. Most importantly, examples selected on this site will bring a sense of clarity and elevation that inspires calmness as well as greater health.

Moving Forward Into Ideal Healthy Living

This blog invites your participation in this discovery. I know that at best, what anyone has become aware of is only a small drop in a bottomless teacup of possibility. To sip the cup with others is greater expanded enlightenment.

If your home is not satisfying your ideal of where you would like to be, then I would love to help make that ideal happen. Please contact me and we as a team will move forward in a direction that will be beneficial to revitalizing an environment or selecting a new one that helps support greater health and well-being.

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